I want to get certified diving, I have the Medical Statement forms required by PADI. Out of the 34 questions which require a simple YES or NO answer I answered NO to all of them except the following 4 questions:

"Have you ever had or do you currently have..........."

_____ Asthma, or wheezing with breathing, or wheezing with exercise?

_____Frequent or severe attacks of hayfever or allergy?

_____Frequent colds, sinusitis or bronchitis?

_____Sinus surgery?

I answered Yes to the 4 above questions. I was told if we answer YES to any of the questions, we are REQUIRED to be cleared by our doctor by PADI's standards.

I know no one here probably are not doctors and can not answer my questions, but im sure some of you had to answer yes to the same questions or 1 or 2 of the ones which I answered yes to.

for the first question, I have never had symtoms of Asthma until a couple years ago I went riding my mountain bike in the local hills, a 5 mile steady climb on a dirt trail. It was the very first time in my life I ever felt so short of breath, I later found out the symtoms where those of Asthma. Before then I could easily ride my bike along the beach twice a week, 35 mile round trip in about 2 hours 15 minutes on a heavy mountain bike. I never had any problems at all with breathing. I have had allergies for some time since the age of 18. Im now 38.

Regarding the second question, I do often have severe attacks of hayfever and allergy.

Regarding the third question, my doctor said I do occasionally have sinusitis, and I have cold like symtoms sometimes when my allergies are acting up.

The forth question, I did have a sinus surgery back in 2003, by my ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor to clear a couple polips. Since then my sinus are clear unless I have allergy attacks, rarely do I have allergy attacks when im near the ocean or on a tropical island, since there is more ocean air than all the crap in the air from the mountains from plants and trees.

What I want to know is.....

Which doctor do I go to regarding those questions? do I go to my Allergist who prescribe my allergy shots each week?

Do I go to my ENT doctor who performed the surgery on me?

Or do I go to my family/personal doctor, who give me my regular checkups or check me for other normal health problems?

Today I took the forms to my Allergist, and he read over them, He said he see no reason why I cant scuba dive because my allergys or asthma is under control with the shots, because I have not had any sort of asthma attack since he put me on the allergy shots, but he said he do not feel comfortable commenting or clearing me regarding the sinus surgery, or any of the other questions on the form, since he do not specialize in any of the others.

He said the way the Medical Statement is written, he could only answer the questions which he specialize in, and he do not feel comfortable completing the form, regarding health issues he do not specialize in.

Do I go to my personal doctor????? I ask because how would he know, about my allergies? Or the details about my Sinus surgery? or if I went to my ENT, how would he know about my Allergies, and 2 Asthma attacks I have had in my entire life??
How do they know how those will affect me diving? Also my allergist said that a person could be in good health and one of the symtoms which are on the Medical Statement COULD possibly happen, and would he be responsible if it do after he feel I would be fine.

I read on a DAN brosure about Dive Doctors? are those doctors who specialize in giving some sort of Diving Medical Statement Test?????

How did you guys handle this situation, what doctor did you go to? and if so did your doctor run you through Lots of test to check for all the things in the 6 page Medical Statement? The dive instructor where I plan to get certified through explained to me that if a person has any trapped air in thier sinuses it could be dangerous, so is there some sort of Xray or MRI that is required to find a problem as such?

I want to Dive but absolutely want to do it safely. The way the forms are it do understand how a doctor can feel responsible if something do go wrong after he cleared his patient to dive regarding thier health.